[VIDEO] Exogenous Ketones

This is a video that highlights how amazing exogenous ketones are and how they can improve your overall well-being.

Exogenous Ketones

I’ve been experimenting with exogenous ketones for a while now and I have to say I really love them. They make me feel superhuman when it comes to improving my cognitive abilities and my physical performance. When you look at exogenous ketones, you’re getting many of the benefits that ketosis has to offer without being in ketosis. The best exogenous ketones from a scientific standpoint, and also quality, is undoubtedly the Keto Ignite by Celarity.

Exogenous ketone benefits include improving physical and mental performance, improving cognitive abilities, supporting the muscles and neurological system with a carb free fuel that can easily be utilized by the brain.

I find that while using exogenous ketones on the ketogenic diet that I feel great and can perform physically to a much higher extent.

The best tasting exogenous ketones is certainly the Keto Ignite. I use these ketones as a pre-workout and a mid day energy booster. This is how I get the best exogenous ketones results. I also use them in order to help promote ketosis. Using these ketones will stimulate the body to produce more ketones for energy as it will prefer it for its fuel source. Beyond my own experience, we have so many people report back to us stating that the Keto Ignite has helped them in so many ways to improve their overall health and well-being.

The Keto Ignite also works very well for the keto flu. If you are transitioning from a carb burning individual to a fat burning individual, then you will go through the keto flu. The Keto Ignite really helps you avoid the flu but also get into ketosis much fast. These are specifically the BHB exogenous ketones and they work really well for achieving a higher state of health and well-being.

The best exogenous ketones for weight loss can be an important factor in your overall health. I personally find that that the exogenous ketones help satiate me so I am able to reduce hunger and ultimately lose weight.

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[Video Transcription] Exogenous Ketones | The Benefits Are Really Awesome

In this video I’ll uncover exogenous ketones and the benefits they have to offer.

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In this video we are talking about exogenous ketones and the benefits they have to offer.

When we look at exogenous ketones it is something, I’ve been experimenting with quite a bit myself, and I’m really liking it. I want to talk about not only the energy sources that are actually in the body and how they operate but also the benefits you get from exogenous ketones and I will share some of my personal stories and what I notice from supplementing with these exogenous ketones.

Now when we look at the bodies fuel sources, basically let’s start with carbohydrates and sugars. If you are someone who is consuming a carbohydrate rich diet, what’s going to happen those carbohydrates are going to break down into glucose for immediate energy that’s glucose for current bodily functions so your body can operate. You’re also going to have carbs break down into glycogen this is stored energy stored sugar in the liver basically. Now what happens when we deplete these glycogen stores then we are going to start burning energy from fat.

So, the question is, how do we deplete them? We are going to deplete them by following ketogenic diet, long term calorie restriction, long term sustained exercise, or even doing fasting. That’s how you are going to actually deplete down those glycogen stores and start burning that fat for energy. Once you actually started burning that fat for energy, what is going to happen is fat is going to break down and its actually going to give you these ketones.

Some people say I don’t actually want to do the ketogenic diet nor fasting or any of that stuff, they go right from carbs to fat for energy and that’s ketones and that’s where exogenous ketones come in. When we look at exogenous ketones, they have a ton of benefits they give the benefit of a ketogenic diet without actually doing the ketogenic diet and that’s pretty cool. That’s where researchers actually came in and said we notice the benefits these people are getting from the ketogenic diet how do we offer that to people in a supplementation form. Exogenous ketones are not by any means a replacement for the ketogenic diet. The keto diet in its own right has many benefits you’re not going to get from exogenous ketones alone. But the exogenous ketones can certainly help you out while you are on the keto diet, or certainly help out people who don’t want to go through the effort of being on it but still want to get some of the benefits. Let’s go ahead and talk about exogenous ketones and what it has to offer here.

First of all, it’s a carb free fuel source for the muscle and brain.  This is very interesting because we know ketones are a better fuel source. They are a more sustainable fuel source for the muscle, for the brain for everything. So for someone who is actually trying to lose weight the exogenous ketones can be very powerful for that. The other thing is when people are suffering from neurological conditions, let’s say someone who is suffering from epilepsy, suffering from problems like Alzheimer’s, sometimes it can be very difficult for these people to go follow the ketogenic diet. Well if you take the exogenous ketones, you’re still going to get some of the key benefits the keto diet has to offer.

It’s also going to help you with hunger, its going to help decrease hunger. If you are someone who is trying to get into intermittent fasting, if you are someone who started following the keto diet, and find yourself hungry all the time, the exogenous ketones can be very powerful for that, especially when it comes to weight management. Once again, if you’re someone who is trying to lose weight you can actually start adding in the exogenous and it can be powerful for that as well. Its going to help stimulate that metabolic shift. If you’re someone who is a carb burner or a sugar burner and you are trying to switch to a fat burner, its kind of going to help promote that state of ketosis.

The other thing we have to look at when we look at when we look at stimulating that metabolic shift, when you are trying to get into the state of ketosis and you’re making that metabolic shift, something comes along and it’s called the keto flu and it’s not so pleasant. Taking exogenous ketones is once again going to help promote you getting into ketosis but its also going to help get rid of the keto flu during that process and make it more comfortable for you to do so, anyway the exogenous ketones are very powerful here. Basically, when you put those ketones in your body and your body uses them as a fuel source, your body wants more of them, so it starts to promote the building of ketones in the body.

Now the next thing here is, its going to help increase cognition. One of my personal stories I can tell you with using exogenous ketones is, it really offers a lot of brain power. A lot of people who actually start following the ketogenic diet say, “man my brain works so much better while on it”. The other thing if you’re actually following the ketogenic diet and you’re using some exogenous ketones, it acts as a really good boost of a fuel source for your brain. People who are going into a meeting, people who are trying to increase their focus, people who are trying to increase their memory and cognitive function, exogenous ketones help quite a bit. I noticed my brain is like cranking and working so well and so focused when using the exogenous ketones. So I’ve been really liking them for that purpose.

The next thing is immediate and sustained fuel source. When we look at this, it is cool and this is another way that I’ve been actually going and using the exogenous ketones. By the way, I’m talking about all my experience using the exogenous ketones while on the ketogenic diet. When we look at this fuel source, it’s very incredible for a couple reasons. Using it as a pre-workout is very powerful. It’s going to really help give you that extra energy especially while on the ketogenic diet to really perform well and exercise. And the other thing it is actually good for is long term sustained running. If you’re going long distance run this is also really great for that. The last thing I want to mention on this topic, if you are actually combining carbs and these ketones it is absolute fine. Its like a double energy source, and in fact it actually acts as an energy source and preserves our endogenous energy for later on in the exercise. But actually using the exogenous ketones for immediate fuel source which is really powerful. This is really great for a pre-workout as well.

A couple of things I want to mention, when I look at the exogenous ketones you want to make sure you use one that’s mixed with MCTs because MCTs actually promote ketosis and promote ketone productions. The one I use has MCTs in it. It also has a patent exogenous ketones blend in it that’s really going to make sure you’re getting the most benefit from those ketones, not just raising them up and having them drop off. But raising them up and having them stay at a sustainable level in the body to get the most benefit.

A lot of the exogenous ketones do not taste very well. The one I use is very refreshing, it’s a cucumber lime flavor. The last thing I want to mention about exogenous ketones, it’s not going to be something you use on an everyday basis a  bottle of exogenous ketones lasts me 2 or 3 months that’s because I’m using it intermittently. I’m using it to actually get a lot of these benefits we are talking about. I love it as a pre-work out. I love it as a mid-afternoon energy source. I love it as a way to actually improve cognition. So, I’m using it that way but that doesn’t mean I’m using it every day. I’ll put a link to the exogenous ketones that I love and use in the description below. Go ahead and go there read on them and check out all the research on it you can see for yourself.

Dr. Z’s Recommended Ketones: http://bit.ly/2VGdvqM

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