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If you knew the coordinates to the fountain of youth, would you make the trip? Who wouldn’t, right? It isn’t exactly the fountain of youth, but Dan Sullivan believes it to be the next best thing.

Dan Sullivan is the creator of his own Strategic Coaching Program based in Toronto, ON Canada. Dan started his coaching in 1989. Currently, he has approximately 3000 clients, 120 employees, and 15 other coaches.

In the age we live, new methods and procedures are being developed frequently; however, if you don’t have the mindset to take advantage then they won’t do you any good. Reprocessing your own stem cells & bi-passing pharmaceutical companies certainly affects their bottom lines. On top of that, things are becoming faster and more affordable. It is up to YOU – and YOU only – to take control of YOUR health.

Instead of letting Dan’s success come as at the expense of his health, he fosters better health in his 70s than he did in his 30s. Dan constantly is searching out ways to optimize his health and cure the common signs of aging, so he can live well into his 100s.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The secrets behind Dan Sullivan’s success
  • The ultimatum that led to his better health
  • The mistake most wealthy people make
  • The most powerful and efficient exercise machine available
  • Dan’s own longevity strategies
  • Who should be in control of your health
  • How to extend the “top of your game” or career
  • Massive results are being achieved through the use of regenerating stem cells from fat & muscle cells at Florida’s US Stem Cell Center
  • The power of wisdom teeth
  • Dan’s annual/daily tactics to maintain his high-level of health
  • How Dan handles taking his pills
  • The power of mindset

…plus so much more!

To find out more about Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach, visit

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