In this episode we discuss mainly how to naturally avoid the flu. Refuel with October’s signature fruit. The best defense against the flu (and it’s not the flu shot). All this and more we discuss in this week’s episode.

Dr. Zyrowski totes that pumpkins are more than just décor. Pumpkins contain nutrients such as alpha and beta-carotene, nutrients that are associated with longevity. Although you may have heard bananas being referenced as “nature’s energy bar”, cooked pumpkin actually has more refueling potassium. Potassium helps restore the body’s electrolytes post-workout, which is why Dr. Zyrowski encourages it’s consumption for optimal performance. Ashleigh gives cooking tips and recipe suggestions for using fresh pumpkin.

But don’t toss the seeds! Pumpkin seeds are little treasures that are extremely rich in zinc, magnesium, potassium, protein, essential fatty acids and B vitamins, which are important for immunity, energy, and balanced hormones.

Can you naturally avoid the flu?

With the seasonal change comes the threat of “seasonal” illnesses like colds and flus. But that’s just a myth. The truth is that we are exposed to viruses and bacteria every day of our lives; the thing determining who gets sick and who stays well is NOT the presence of the viruses or bacteria – it is the state of our IMMUNE FUNCTION. Dr. Zyrowski discuses the most effective way to keep your immune system in tip-top shape during the winter months so you can avoid the flu and thrive!

In this episode:

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