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A little discipline goes a long way. Fasting is an incredible healing tool that’s humans and animals have been practicing for centuries. Only recently, with the abundance of food at our fingertips, has fasting become a thing of the past.

However simple fasting may sound, it is an incredibly powerful (yet overlooked) tool for healing the body. Through fasting, you can actually turn on “good gene,” allowing your DNA to express health. Fasting flips the epigenetic switch in your body to genetically be a better version of yourself.

There are many different kinds of fasts, but in this episode, Dr. Zyrowski discusses the top four and how you can begin reaping the 6 shocking and life-changing health benefits of fasting.

In this episode…

  • 4 methods of fasting that you can do
  • Why our ancestors fasted
  • How eating less can boost your metabolism
  • How fasting influences your insulin sensitivity
  • What fasting does to the brain
  • How fasting can protect you from diseases, like Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Diabetes, and Cancer
  • The secret to aging slower and staying younger
  • How to boost the anti-aging hormone HGH through fasting
  • Why an unhealthy gut = unhealthy skin, and what fasting can do to help
  • Why bone broth is a superfood, and how it can heal your leaky gut

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