Sleep Your Way To Health, Why Sleep Is Your Ticket to Upgraded Health & Performance

By September 17, 2016Podcast

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What if there was a way to wake up refreshed and energized every single morning? Would you do it? If your answer is yes, then you need to tune into this week’s episode. Dr. Zyrowski’s inspiration from this episode is his new book, Sleep Your Way To Health. He explains how sleep is a necessary nutrient to your body, and good quality sleep can help you reach your health goals, improve productivity and fend off disease.

Sleep is one of the most essential, yet undervalued, components of health. For you to have the life, energy, focus, and fulfillment you deserve, you must optimize your sleep.

Unfortunately, the struggle to get restful slumber is real for most Americans. You see, more than 70 million Americans don’t get quality sleep at night. Even if you’re lying in bed for 8 hours a night, chances are, you are not getting the restorative sleep that your body needs and is craving. This was true for Dr. Zyrowski. After the birth of his second child, his health was struggling. He was chronically sleep deprived and was experiencing high blood pressure, fatigue, and frequent migraines. By implementing the 13 sleep hacks that he teaches in his Sleep Your Way To Heath book, he regained his health, improved his productivity & focus, and maximized his athletic performance.

In his new book Sleep Your Way To Health, Dr. Nick Zyrowski teaches you everything you need to know and gives you every resource necessary to get the best sleep of your life, including practical and easy-to-implement nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle strategies.

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