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Environmental Toxins is a basic overview of the top toxins destroying your health.

Environmental ToxinsEnvironmental toxins destroy so many people’s health. We live in a very toxic world. When we come into contact with these toxins, they build up in the body causing many types of health issues. Environmental toxins are in higher amounts than ever before. Therefore, we must be diligent in order to avoid common ailments that many people face. These environmental toxins are endocrine disruptors, causing neurological conditions and cellular toxicity.

Full Toxicity and Detox Article: http://bit.ly/2vWu4DG

Toxic beauty products are a major contributor to the environmental toxicity. The average woman puts on hundreds of toxins in the morning before she leaves the house in the way of beauty products. These beauty products cause liver toxicity and many health issues. The major toxic beauty ingredients to avoid are makeup, hairsprays, perfumes/colognes, antiperspirants, shampoos and conditioners.

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Toxic household chemicals and toxic household cleaners are making your home a very unsafe place to live. When you clean your home (between cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and clothing) you literally spread hundreds of dangerous chemicals throughout your home.

Environmental toxins and health conditions are directly correlated.

The amount of chemicals in our food supply is staggering. Conventionally raised fruits, vegetables, and meats all contain enormous amounts of chemicals that will slowly destroy your health after long term consumption.

Liver toxin removal and cellular detoxification is incredibly important as we come into contact with these toxins on a daily basis. If they are all to store up in the liver, it will become congested and, from that point on, you can become very sick.

Heavy metal poisoning is another silent killer. When someone suffers from heavy metal poisoning, it seems that no matter what they do they can never become healthy. These metals lodge themselves in the deep tissue of the bones and brain causing many health problems of unknown origin for people.

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[Video Transcription] Environmental Toxins | How They Are Destroying Your Health

In this video we’re discussing environmental toxins and how they are destroying your health.

Hi I’m Dr. Zyrowski from nuvisionexcel.com.  If you’re new to the channel it is such a pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe hit that little Bell notification to join our notification community and I’m gonna help you excel your health and your life.

In this video we’re talking about environmental toxins. This is a big deal today. There are more toxins in our environment than ever before. There are more chemicals on the market than ever before. And there’s more people who are sick than ever before. And one of the reasons for this is because of environmental toxins. Because these different toxins bioaccumulate in our body in our organs in our deep tissues like our bones our brains, in our nervous system and they cause all types of health crises. Now I mean how many people do you know that have thyroid issues, how many people with hormone issues, weight loss resistance, ADD, ADHD? How many kids out there are autistic? You know one of the things that we can definitely correlate to many of these different illnesses that people are suffering from is environmental toxins in how they’re becoming more and more of an issue. So let’s go ahead and identify some of the top environmental chemicals that are likely in contact with you on a daily basis.

So the first major toxin that we need to watch out for is heavy metals here. And so when we look the heavy metals there are many but the two major contributors to toxicity is going to be lead in mercury. Now in today’s environment we don’t come across lead as much as they used to. It used to be a paint, it used to be in toys, it used to be in gasoline, it used to be in many different things out there. And so though today’s generation isn’t being as exposed as much. One of the things that that is happening is that just because lead is stored in the deep tissues such as the bones. When the mother becomes pregnant the bones start to demineralize and the lead is transfer down to the baby. And so that is why someone who has had zero lead exposure can still have heavy metal problems with lead because it came from their parents. Now mercury is the same way. It also can be transferred down from generation to generation. But one of the big contributors to mercury poisoning that many people face today is the amalgam fillings that people have gotten put in their mouth and due to dental cavities. And then many people thought they were doing them as a favor and getting him removed and they didn’t do it right so they had even more mercury exposure. So mercury likes to store in the fat tissues like the brain the nervous system, lead likes to store in the bone. And their major contributors to unexplained chronic illnesses. So we’ve got to really watch out for the heavy metals.

Now next here on our list is plastics. So plastics are everywhere in our environment. You know one of the things that you’re gonna find in plastics you got to watch out for is BPA. Now you know the environmental agencies have done pretty good with taking BPA out of most of the plastics that we come in contact with.

But one of the things that’s very highly available in plastics is a phthalates. Now the phthalates are in any types of plastics that are soft. You know we’re thinking like shower curtains raincoats, all types of plastics. We always want to stay away from plastics whenever possible. We want to store our food in glass containers. Make better decisions, drink out of good glass water bottles and not plastic water bottles. And so avoid plastics whenever possible because this is considered an endocrine disruptor. Once again throwing off hormone balance, throwing off neurological balance, immune balance, so on and so forth.

Next big one here is toxic cleaners. Toxic cleaners you know we have the different cleaners in our house we need to make sure that we’re making good decisions. Because if we go and clean our home and though it’s clean, if we just sprayed hundreds of chemicals all over the place and it’s coming into contact with our skin one of the largest organs on in our body, then we are certainly going to become very toxic from it. So we need to make sure that when it comes to cleaners that were avoiding the toxic ones. Especially perk is a major major toxin that is found in cleaners. And then the different scents are major contributors to toxicity too. So you know these cleaners smell very nice in many cases. But the sense that are in them are very toxic and also can disrupt the immune system function and all the other things that I just mentioned there.

Now when we come and look at beauty products the average woman is putting hundreds of chemicals on her body every time she leaves the house in the morning when she gets ready. So when we look at these different beauty products are loaded with parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, and phthalates. We also want to look to beauty products such as shampoo and conditioners and all these different things that people are putting under onto bodies that are very toxic in nature. So when it comes to beauty products make sure that you’re good at getting good clean and beauty products that aren’t loaded with chemicals.

Next topic for a discussion here is our food. You know I always recommend that we try to buy organic if possible. If it’s not possible we look for good quality sources. We look for farmers markets, we look for local farmers, we look for food that we know is not loaded with pesticides. We look for foods that we know doesn’t have GMOs in it. I also listed like growth hormone and antibiotics here. Because if we’re buying meat products from animals that pharmaceuticals were used on. Then by nature what happens is those pharmaceuticals get lodged into the tissues of the body. Well essentially when you’re eating meat that’s a tissue from an animal and you’re eating pharmaceuticals. So we want to make sure that we’re eating good quality food sources. Whether it’s vegetables, fruits, or meats.

On to the next topic, water. Water is you know water’s life essentially. And many people are drinking water that’s very toxic. It seems so unreasonable today to know our ancestors were able to just go drink out of streams and in lakes and not even think about this stuff. But as a result of pouring chemicals into the environment for you know many many years in thinking that they somehow just magically disappear, we’ve ended up with a problem today with water that is very very toxic. So if you live in the city you’re likely gonna have water that’s loaded with chlorine and fluoride. If you live in the city you can typically fill up a sink and you can just smell the chlorine as if it’s like a pool. And so chlorine and fluoride are two major chemicals that are in city water but you’re also going to find pharmaceuticals as well. And so the reason that pharmaceuticals are in the water is because people are dumping their prescriptions down the toilet. Even though the government has asked people not to do that some people still do it. But the other problem is so many people are on prescriptions. They are simply going through the body whether they don’t dissolve. And they’re just going out in the stool. Or they’re going out through the urine. What’s happening is they’re going into the water system and then you’re getting them in your nice fresh water in your home. Many pharmaceuticals have been identified in different drinking water.  And this is just city water. If you’re actually out in the country you have to watch out for other chemicals that are very high in the water too. I know we personally have an issue with arsenic. Anyway make sure you’re always drinking good clean water sources.

The next one here is mold. Many people who are suffering from some sort of chronic illness, make sure you’re always checking to see if there is mold in your home or in your workplace. Once again a lot of people have some sort of chronic illness that just can’t be explained. And mold can be a major contributor to that. There’s whole documentaries out there on how mold destroys your health. Some of the common symptoms that you find if mold is an issue is allergy like symptoms. Runny eyes, stuffy nose so always check your home your work place in any area that you’re hanging out in for mold. If you’re someone who’s suffering from a chronic issue and you can’t figure out the reason behind it.

Next is fire retardant. Fire retardants are simply on everything. They’re on the shirts and clothing that we wear. They’re in the bedding, they’re in mattresses, there in carpets, fire retardants are everywhere in our environment. The reason that’s a big deal is because first of all just like all these other chemicals they’re going to depress the immune system. They’re gonna disrupt our endocrine system, disrupted neurological function, cause a lot of health issues in the body. But the other thing about the fire retardants is that they’re getting into our body. And to kind of give you some proof of this one of the things that they found is that mother’s breast milk had fire retardants in it, in high amounts. They also even found fire retardants in cord blood, the cord blood going to the fetus. and so when we look at fire retardants we need to make sure that we’re staying away from different bedding, different clothing, and different products in our home that have fire retardants as best as we can.

Now I wrote a whole article on toxicity and how we go through this whole process of removing it. Where we actually use these different nutritional products to actually push the toxins out of our body and then grab those toxins and pull them from our body. I’ll link that in the description below we also talk about a lot more toxins in the article. The other thing that we have to do is make sure we’re removing these toxins from our environment. Because they will destroy your health if they are not already. Other than that be sure to share this information with your friends they need to see this too. Give this video a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos on toxicity and how you can improve your health. I’ll see you in the next video.