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Egg Diet Plan

The egg diet for weight loss can certainly help you with those goals to lose a few pounds, but is it a good idea?  The problem with the egg diet is that it does not offer a good array of nutrient dense foods. It simply offers the nutrition that eggs have to offer which is good, but not sufficient.

The egg diet is a good gateway to a healthy diet but by no means is it a solution for a healthy diet. Those who are using it as a long term diet system are simply doing it as a lazy way to eat healthy.

The egg diet Keto is typically used in order to drive those who are on the ketogenic back into ketosis when they fall out. Once again it can be used as a short term solution but not as a long term ketogenic diet solution. In most cases when you search the internet, the egg diet results are quite incredible but once again I don’t believe in it as a long term solution.

Egg fasting diet is when you eat nothing but eggs for a period of time. I’m not a fan of this at all simply because regular bone broth fasting, water fasting, or pretty much any other type of fasting would be preferred by me. Eggs are a food that can easily become highly intolerant by the immune system. So, stuffing yourself with eggs for a long period of time is never a good idea as it can result in food sensitivities.

Egg diet plan to lose weight is a solution only short term but not long term.

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[Video Transcription] Egg Diet Plan | Bad or Good?

In this video, I’ll uncover all the details you need to know about the egg diet plan. 

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In this video, we’re talking about the egg diet plan. Now, a lot of people are asking about this because there’s a lot of hype around it. A lot of people are following this egg diet plan losing a ton of weight, having more energy, and just feeling great. What we’re going to do is, first of all, is talk about the egg diet plan – what you eat on the egg diet plan? Also, we’re going to talk about some practical thoughts as to; how I think this egg diet plan is really working, and how I think you should proceed. Stick around to the end of the video. 

Now, when we look at egg nutrition in the egg diet, in general, I don’t think that eggs are bad by any means. Some people are freaked out by this whole thing because they’re afraid that the eggs are gonna raise their cholesterol, causing them to have a heart attack and so many other terrible things and eggs are completely healthy. I’ve done lots of different content around this.

Is Eating Eggs Bad For Your Heart?

Are Eggs Good For You?

When we look at egg nutrition they’re loaded with choline, which is good for the brain and Vitamins A, B, and D. Also, antioxidants which are very important for overall health. They are high in fat, protein, and they also contain 77 calories per egg so that’s kind of the basic nutritional profile of the egg and we look at the egg diet in general.

First of all, it’s a diet that is predominately based on eggs, but it allows for some other things. First, lean proteins include eggs, chicken, fish, and turkey. Now, when we look at the lean proteins here, once again, we’re sticking towards a very few different ones,  not a huge array. Now when we look at what you could also eat on the egg diet because there’s other foods involved in the egg diet then just eggs. I know it’s a little confusing, right? First, there’s veggies and fruit. When we look at the veggies, they were sticking to the low carbohydrate veggies so the broccoli, the zucchini, spinach, kale. Now, grape fruit is added in there as well. I think grapefruit is in there for a couple reasons. First of all, it’s a low glycemic index fruit. The other reason is that it helps boost up your metabolism, a lot of people are doing this to try lose weight.

Now another variation of the egg diet is what I would call the extreme egg diet, where you are eating just eggs, that’s it. Eggs for days on end that is the other variation of that. Some of the benefits that people are finding:

  1. Incredible weight loss, which is great.
  2. A lot more energy . So they just feel better every single day, able to get out of bed and just have that energy throughout the entire day.
  3. They notice that they’re eating a clean diet.

A couple practical thoughts, I think that one of the reasons that people are seeing such good results, is that they’re just cleaning up their diet. If you’re eating a standard American diet or just a standard diet in general and you clean up your act – you remove carbohydrates, processed foods, sugar, and all these things that you shouldn’t be eating in the first place – and you start the egg diet, well of course you’re going to get great results. You’re gonna feel great! Maybe that’s what some people need. They just need that kind of really strict diet to help move them to the right place so they can start achieving their health goals. Now, when we look at the benefits of this too; if we were to look at someone who is on the ketogenic diet or a good low carb diet, I doubt that they would go to the egg diet and go, “Wow, I’m feeling so much better this is awesome.” What I’m saying is that people are getting great results just because they’re cleaning up their diet.

Okay, now the egg diet, in general, is that something you should follow for a long period of time? Absolutely not! It’s very strict! It’s a little unnecessary to do for a long period of time. If you need that just to help clean up your act to get you in the right place, I am all for it. I think that after you do the egg diet for a week or two, you can just go into a good low-carb diet or more keto-based diet. Now when we look at the extreme egg diet, I am not a fan of that at all. That’s just eating plain eggs. There’s a couple reasons that I’m not a fan of this.

  1. It’s because you’re not going to get a good nutrient profile. You’re just going to be getting the nutrients that come from eggs which you know is good, but it’s not great. You’re not going to get the same nutrient profile that you’re going to get from eating kale, broccoli, spinach, and good meat. When we look at the egg diet, doing the extreme one, I would stay away from that.
  2. You’re probably going to cause some autoimmunity issues in your body. What I mean by that is, clinically we do this profile where we look at all the different foods that you’re immune system is very sensitive to. Eggs happen to be very high on the list for many people.
  3. A lot of people also have a leaky gut. If they over-consume a particular food, it causes more autoimmune issues as these large particles of the food are getting into the bloodstream.

Eating just eggs day after day, or eating any food day after day, is never a good idea. I’m always a big fan of diet variation. If you’re going to do the egg diet to, kind of, get you out of a bad place and move to a good clean wholesome diet and then continue moving towards achieving your goals, I’m all for it. But I wouldn’t go towards this route right here.

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