[VIDEO] Drinking Roundup Weed Killer

In this video, Dr. Zyrowski shows how eating and drinking Roundup weed killer, with the active ingredient known as glyphosate, has serious effects on a person’s health.

Drinking Roundup Weed Killer

Monsanto’s roundup weed killer found in popular cereals, wines, and beers is a sad reality of what we are dealing with today in the way of toxicity. Many people are starting their day drinking roundup weed killer in cereal and many people are consuming small amounts of weed killer on a daily basis. My concern on this toxin is the overwhelming onslaught of toxins people are consuming that are causing serious health problems. There is a large amount of people who are developing fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and ultimately liver cancer.

The glyphosate herbicide has been used in excess on American crops for years and now it’s showing up in the food supply in higher amounts every single day.

More people are also experiencing unexplained illnesses that can’t be pinpointed. Cancers and gut conditions developing in people who are believed to be healthy individuals. This is why I believe and stand behind the importance of a cellular detox. If you want to detox glyphosate from your system, it is important to start with the liver. Yes, the body has the natural ability to detox but your body was never designed to come across dozens of toxins on a daily basis. The body was certainly never designed for drinking roundup weed killer in cereal or the Monsanto’s roundup drink.

Are you drinking Roundup weed killer?

Drinking roundup weed killer will have serious health implications that should not be overlooked. It has been determined that the amount of glyphosate has increased in the blood stream in the average person by 1000% and this is a devastating reality.

There are few alternatives to Roundup and other weed killers that I’ve used around my home. Here are the ones that I’ve found to be most effective (they aren’t listed in any particular order).  Keep in mind that they are best used on a hot sunny day.

  1. Avengers Organic Weed Killer
  2. 30% Pure Vinegar mixed with Orange Oil Concentrate. What worked for us is we mixed 1 gallon of the vinegar with 1 gallon of water, 2 ounces of orange oil, and about 1-2 tablespoons of Dawn dish soap.  We mixed it in our sprayer and sprayed our weeds on a hot sunny day.  Within just a few hours, the weeds (or grass) was dead.

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[Video Transcription] Drinking Roundup Weed Killer | The Unfortunate Truth

In this video we’ll discuss weedkiller that is being found in your foods and drinks.

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Dr. Zyrowski and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new to the channel it’s a pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that bell notification and join our notification community so I can help you excel your health and your life.

In this video we’re talking about is we eating and drinking glyphosate? This is a horrifying topic but it is truly today’s reality. So what we’re going to do is, talk about some of the recent studies done on this weed killer and how it’s been found in your drinks and your food. And also, how the glyphosate effects the body. Let’s dive right into this.

Now, when we talk about this weed killer being in your food and drink, we’re talking about the active ingredient found in Monsanto’s weed killer known as glyphosate. There’s been over 250 million pounds sprayed on American crops. Ok, once again, these are horrifying statistics. The Environmental Working Group found that glyphosate was in your oats, cereal, and granola. So a lot of people are starting their day with a breakfast full of glyphosate, that’s delicious. The Public Interest Advocacy group tested 15 different beers and 5 wines. Let’s look at what they found. Over here, you’re going to see the beers, ok? Basically what they found in this on,e all the way at the top of this, this brand of beer that had 49.7 parts per billion of glyphosate in it. Scary stuff! Next here, is, Samuel Smith organic beer. It actually had 5.7 parts per billion in it. So, all the way down to Peak organic beer which had zero. So, once again, they’re finding this in the beer. Now this is just, you know, the average person just loves to have some beer here and there, and then you know unfortunately they have glyphosate in it. So this is kind of opening up a bigger conversation, right? Like if this is in beer, what’s happening to the apple juice that kids are drinking, the orange juice that kids are drinking? And so anyway we have to you take all of the stuff into consideration and look at the big picture.

Also, what they did is they tested some wines. They found the Sutter Home Merlot actually had 51.4 parts per billion of glyphosate in it and then even the Organic Natural white wine had 4.8 parts per billions.  Ok, when they actually talked to this company they said; ‘well if you’re organic and you’re not using these different chemicals on your crops why is that they were actually finding it?’ And they basically said we don’t use it and it’s coming from the rainwater, and that’s even more scary. Because basically what’s happening is, the glyphosate  is going through the underground streams and also through the rain water as it falls. You’re actually getting glyphosate when you didn’t even use it, and so that is a very scary reality as well. So that’s why I always encourage people to make sure that they’re filtering the water. To make sure you’re getting the weed killer out of it but you’re also going in getting the pharmaceuticals, the chlorine, the fluoride and everything else that is in the water supply. So we have to really be careful. But here’s the thing that’s just crazy about this and the good news, it’s actually good news, we should be just excited about this; the EPA has actually deemed that these are safe levels. Ok, now this is like total and utter nonsense because when we look at, you know, how much carcinogen is safe in the body? The answer is zero. It’s never safe to have carcinogen in the body. So why, is it that the EPA actually tells us that there is actually such thing as safe levels of glyphosate in the food? Because there’s safe levels in the body. Like absolutely crazy, it’s like saying that you can put a little gasoline in your drinks and a little bit of gasoline in your food, because it’s a safe level.  You can’t drink gasoline and obviously that’s not an intelligent thing to do. So how is it okay to actually have glyphosate in your food and have it safe and in your drinks as well?

Next here is, I wanted to bring up a few other points about the topic of glyphosate and how it acts on the body. Recently there is a gentleman, who’s a groundskeeper and he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age 42. He basically was able to correlate that directly to using this weed killer with glyphosate in it. He sued the company Monsanto that made it, for around $280,000,000.00. He ended up with $78,000,000.00 but anyway that was a groundbreaking lawsuit because you’re talking about a gentleman who is reporting a problem that many people reported from being around this weed killer and he actually went up against a mega billion-dollar company and he won. So he got around $78,000,000.00 and since then 9,300 similar lawsuits have been filed against the company because people are developing a lot of different health issues from it. Ok, there’s been some pilot studies that find glyphosate to impact sexual development, DNA structure, proteins, and gut health levels in the human blood increased 1000% since 2 decades ago. Ok, that’s like a devastating statistic! Once again how much is a safe level to have when you’re looking at a carcinogen? How much is a safe level to have in the body? And, my answer is none of course.  But the EPA thinks that you know there is a safe level. The World Health Organization in the International Agency for research on cancer deems glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen, ok. And I don’t even think that it’s really crazy that there’s these conversations going on like well you know it does, it might cause health concerns. Like we drinking a carcinogen or eating a carcinogen chronically day in and day out is going to cause health concerns. Like I mean, how could it not and we look at how it affects the body.

Let’s talk about the liver. It’s been known to alter the abilities of the liver to detox. It disrupts the phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification process by disrupting the cytochrome p450. It increases oxidative stress on the liver. We’re talking about glyphosate increasing oxidative stress dramatically increase in liver cancer, cirrhosis, and fatty liver disease in young people. Ok, there’s a dramatic increase in these liver problems in people. Ok, so all the time I talked about detox and there’s some people who go; ‘well Dr. Zyrowski, there’s no reason to detox because your body has the natural ability to detox. So why, would you focus on doing some of these detoxes that you do?’ I’ve done lots of videos on them and I’ll put links into description here below. But you know basically this is because if you’re chronically consuming glyphosate and then on top of that glyphosate, you’re actually going and getting chemicals from your beauty products, or you’re getting carcinogens from the chemicals in your home that you’re cleaning with, the toxins that are coming from the clothing that you’re wearing, you’re bedding, so all of these things are just an absolute onslaught to the body. And the body of course, yes, is designed to actually remove toxins from it but when you’re talking about an onslaught of this many different toxins coming at you all at once and then, of course, the liver’s job is to actually get rid of them.Well, here’s one of the reasons we’re seeing a major problem with people having liver issues.

Ok, next is gut health. We’re just trying to bring up a couple conversations. There’s so many different health problems related to this but we’re just bringing up a few. We want to get the conversation started so you know you can actually go in and be a powerful advocate for your health and make good decisions. Gut health that disrupts the microbiome. Ok, research out there showing it disrupts the microbiome. Colon cancer is rising dramatically. Ok, that’s another issue, a major issue for today. And then also there’s mood disorders rising and I say mood disorders because what we know is that when gut health is disrupted, the microbiome is disrupted; it disrupts how the brain functions, it disrupts your hormones, it disrupts every aspect of your body. The gut is a really critical part of your entire health, in that, when we look at the gut the microbiome and that means that the bacteria within the gut is very important as well. So, it’s going to disrupt your entire health.

So, what I’ll do is I’ll put some resources in the description below so, that you can further educate yourself on this topic. Once again, this is just to get your wheels turning, get the conversation started and make sure that you’re making good decisions in your health. And the other thing too is a lot of people ask me ‘well if you don’t use this weed killer around your house what do you use?’ And I’ll go ahead and put a link to an organic weed killer that I use in the description here because I don’t want this, you know roundup it on my property at all. So, basically, what I use is an organic citrus based weed killer and I’ll put that in the description so you can look into that. But it’s very important that you’re, you know, making these changes in your lifestyle so that you’re not actually poisoning yourself.

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I’ll see you in the next video.