Cellular Detoxification

The number one reason that people seek out my help is to ask me questions around detoxification. This is a topic I have spent an incredible amount of time understanding and learning the most effective methods to remove toxins from the body. More than ever today, it is important for people to remove toxins in order to express health.

Over 100,000 new chemicals have been released on the market since World War II and every year it is estimated that four billion pounds of these toxins are released into our environment.Cellular Detoxification
Our water, soil, plants, air, environment and bodies are being contaminated every single day. Our bodies are being poisoned by these carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, and gene-damaging chemicals, and they are being stored within our cells.
A recent study found that the average fetus grows in a womb contaminated with as many as 287 foreign chemicals. In the study, the level of mercury in umbilical cord blood was 1.7 times higher than the level in the mother’s blood. Even if you specifically were not exposed to toxins, your mother may have given you more than you bargained for. In this article, we are going to uncover everything you need to know about detoxifying in order to express health.

What is Detoxification?

As you may know the body has its own innate ability to detoxify. When we become over burdened with toxins, a couple things will happen. One, the toxins can impact the liver’s detoxification system causing it to malfunction. Two, the onslaught of toxins may be happening faster than the body can remove them. When this occurs, both disease and symptoms will begin to present themselves. Many people have heard of “detoxes” such as colon cleanses, foot baths, and healing magnets. Unfortunately, none of these actually remove toxins from the 70+ trillion cells in your body.

The liver plays a major role in managing the toxins we ingest because the blood goes to the liver from the digestive tract before being circulated throughout the body.

There are two major detoxification pathways in the body, phase 1 and phase 2. Phase 1 is where enzymes convert toxic chemicals to change their biochemical makeup, potentially making them more toxic than its original parent compound.1 One of the major concerns that can occur here is that if the toxic load is heavy, a overactivity of phase 1 enzyme chemical conversion can occur causing a reverse effect of converting relatively harmless toxins into DNA damaging carcinogens.2-4 The worst offenders of creating an overactive phase one are some of the simple toxins we encounter on a daily basis such as saturated fats, artificial flavoring, exhaust fumes and artificial sweeteners.1, 4

Phase 2 detoxification occurs in the liver when another biochemical change takes place in order to make the chemical water soluble. This is what allows your body to excrete toxins through urine in order to express health.1-3, 5, 6 

As we further explore detoxification, we need to look at what occurs at a cellular level. Our cells are like a processing plant. It is where our mitochondria are located which produce energy for the body. It is even where our genes are located. As we become toxic the cell walls, which are made up of a layer of fat, becomes inflamed. This cellular inflammation stops the good nutrients from entering into the cell and the toxins from escaping. The cell becomes a toxic cesspool. When this happens, our mitochondria don’t function as well (loss of energy=fatigue). Our DNA can even become mutated leading to chronic illnesses such as cancer.7-10 As we will discuss further into the article there are many critical nutritional needs that can be met to keep the cells functioning properly and remove toxins within the deep tissues of the body. The process of cellular detoxification in the case of the cell would be to increase these key nutrients that support the removal of the toxins within the cell and bind them so the can be removed from the body once and for all.

cellular detox

Health Conditions Associated with Toxicity 

This is a really hard section to limit down because nearly all disease is associated with toxicity. When we look at mold, mercury, lead, pesticides biotoxins, and all the other environmental toxins, they all literally have dozens of conditions that are associated with them. Instead of me listing all the different diseases, let’s focus on cancer alone and I will explain the mechanism in which cancer occurs in its relationship to toxic accumulation in the body.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 75% of all cancers are toxin related. Columbia University of Public Health has reported that 95% cancers are related to diet and your environment.

The first way that toxins lead to cancer is through DNA damage. Toxic exposure can induce mutations within the DNA just as ionizing radiation can. As these toxins are in high numbers within the body, the body’s natural cellular detoxification ability becomes compromised, now affecting immune system health. We all have cancer within our body but the immune system’s high level of surveillance seeks out these cancerous cells and protects us from them.11 Toxins mitigate the immune surveillance system allowing for a loss of apoptosis, tumor growth and a cancerous spread throughout the body.12-17 The last way that toxins contribute to cancer is by disrupting normal endocrine function. The toxins are endocrine disruptors that that interact with sex hormone and their receptors to promote cancer growth.16, 18-20

Toxins create the perfect storm within the body to manifest disease.

So whether it’s cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, infertility, or brain fog, it can all be linked to toxicity.

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Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity

Toxicity can present itself in many ways. There is not a single key factor in determining whether you are toxic or not. This is why it is always important to do specific lab testing when possible. Here are some common ways that may indicate you have a toxicity problem:

  • Skin issues: Your skin is one of your body’s primary ways to eliminate toxins from the body. Issues such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis can all be an indication that your are facing a toxicity issue. 
  • Inflammatory conditions: Almost all-chronic disease is associated with inflammation. Toxins will cause an inflammatory response in the body, which can spiral into many of the major diseases people face today.
  • Gastro-intestinal problems: Those who suffer from an accumulation of toxins can suffer from constipation, leaky gut, ulcers, poor digestion, diarrhea, and diverticulitis.
  • Brain fog: Heavy metal toxicity is known to mimic dementia even in young adults. Heavy Metals are why so many people were getting mad hatters syndrome” back in the day. My personal struggles with heavy metals were all related to cognitive function. Luckily, I have resolved this issue and this personal struggle has led me to be able to help so many people with cellular detoxification.
  • Hormone imbalances: This is one that my wife struggled with due to toxic overload. Fortunately, she detoxified early on before we had kids so that our children wouldn’t have these toxins passed down to them. A major concern is what is known as xenoestrogens. What xenoestrogens are toxins that are synthetically made that mimic estrogen in the body. It causes symptoms surrounding PMS and endometriosis. Men are also affected by xenoestrogens.

Where do toxins come from?

As you can see from the video above, the world we live in isn’t the world that our parents and grandparents grew up in.  There are toxins in our homes, food, water, and environment.  I don’t want to get carried away here because this could literally have a book written on it. So what I will do is list what I consider to be the top 5 toxins that people encounter that are destroying their health.

  1. Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Fillings (AKA) are silver-looking mercury fillings. Dental amalgam fillings are not safe! In fact, mercury is the second most toxic element on the planet. There are over 4000 research papers indicating mercury as a highly toxic substance. Yet these amalgam fillings are placed just inches from the brain, and are constantly leaching mercury into the body. Research shows that the more amalgam fillings a person has, the more mercury is in their organs, including the brain, kidney, liver, and heart.

There are countless doctors and institutions that agree that mercury amalgams are the cause of most of the 21st century diseases our nation is plagued with, including but not limited to ADD/ADHD, autism, and Alzheimer’s.

  • “Mercury amalgams are as close as you can get to the centre of the illness universe; their use in dentistry has set us up for most of the health problems we see today.” – Bruce Shelton, M.
  • World Health Organization scientific panel concluded that there is no safe level of mercury exposure.
  • A Swedish amalgam review panel found that “from a toxicological point of view, mercury is too toxic to use as a filling material.” A Swedish medical panel also unanimously recommended to the government “discontinuing the use of amalgam as a dental material.”
  • In 1988, the US EPA considered scrap amalgam fillings a hazardous waste, and applied OSHA guidelines to the disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Most European countries have banned the amalgam use for children and women of child baring age.
  • The average adult has at least 5 grams of mercury in their mouth. Only.5 grams of mercury are enough to contaminate a 10-acre lake.

If there is no safe level of mercury exposure, amalgams are banned for use in children or women who could become pregnant, and amalgams are considered hazardous waste outside of the human body, then you may be asking why they are still used in dentistry in the United States? Unfortunately, they are cheaper than white composite fillings and many organizations are concerned with a backlash of lawsuits should the government declare them unsafe.

Nevertheless, many individuals have several amalgam fillings present in their mouth. These amalgams leach mercury vapor into the oral cavity (and leach about 3x faster when chewing). The vapor travels directly to the brain where the vapor converts to inorganic mercury, which cannot come back across the blood/brain barrier. At that point, it will remain locked in the brain tissue for no less than 20 years. The point is that blood levels will not spike at a level of supposed danger from a chronic mercury exposure like amalgam fillings. The only way blood mercury levels will rise to that degree is as a result of an acute exposure, like an environmental workplace contamination. The transient nature of blood and mercury’s inability to circulate beyond the tissues, in which mercury is locked, will provide a normal blood test almost every time.

Cellular DetoxificationThis is why the best way to indicate body levels of mercury is to use a urine toxic heavy metals test, which involves a chelator to test how much mercury is truly present in your tissues and organs.

The fillings you have in your mouth not only affect you, but also your children. The level of mercury in the tissue of the fetus, newborn, and young children is directly proportional to the number of silver fillings in the mother’s mouth. Dental amalgams are also the main source of mercury in breast milk.

The conditions below have been documented to improve after removal as the body heals itself and proper detox is performed:

ADD Chronic headache/migraines Lupus
Allergies Depression Memory disorders
ALS Diabetes Multiple chemical sensitivities
Alopecia/hair loss Dizziness/vertigo MS
Alzheimer’s Eczema & Psoriasis MS Parkinson’s
·Anger Endometriosis Neuropathy paresthesia
Arthritis Epilepsy PMS
Asthma Heart problems & tachycardia Schizophrenia
Autoimmune problems Hearing loss Scleroderma/other skin conditions
 Autoimmune thyroiditis Immune system disorders Sinus problems
Cancer Infertility Tinnitus
Crohn’s disease Insomnia Urinary prostrate problems
Chronic fatigue syndrome Joint pain Increased Urine
  1. Pesticides

When we think of pesticide exposures, we typically think of exposures from food. This is true, however it appears the larger direct exposure is from what we are spraying in our homes (insect repellant) and what we are spraying on our lawns.Cellular Detoxification

The amount of pesticides is increasing every year. Presently, the U.S. uses 4.5 billion pounds of chemicals per year, 75% on agriculture products and 25% on home, garden and construction.

The 25% of direct exposure is having a major impact on our children. A systematic review showed children had an elevated risk of kidney cancer associated with paternal pesticide exposure and four studies found associations with brain cancer. The studies also discussed:

  • Pesticides implicated in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia.
  • Overall increased risk of acute leukemia if exposed to pesticides in utero or during childhood.
  • Most of the pesticides implicated were insecticides and herbicides used on lawns, fruit trees and gardens and for indoor control of insects.

Pesticides areone of the leading causes of toxic encephalopathy and only now are being understood for its epigenetic effects (turning on disease genes) on human health. Long-term exposure to organic solvents can induce toxic encephalopathy with chronic persisting symptoms:

  • Fatigue (90%)
  • Impaired short-term memory (94%)
  • Reduced concentration (88%)
  • Irritability (84%)
  • Headaches (81%)
  • Other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease
  • Even low-level exposure can cause changes in brain function.
  • Brain damage can occur even following relatively short-term exposure to hydrocarbon petrochemical compounds.

In a Harvard School of Public Health Epidemiological study of more than 140,000 adults, they found, “those exposed to long-term low levels of pesticides have a 70% higher incidence of Parkinson’s disease than among people who reported no exposure.” It is important to note that the exposed group was well within the long-established safety limits for these poisons. Some of the individuals were weekend gardeners and were found to be in as much danger as life-long farmers.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers at Stanford University found 70% increased risk of Parkinson’s disease of individuals that use pesticides in their homes. They also found that the risk of Parkinson’s disease increased as the number of days in contact with herbicides grows.

Several studies supports the World Health Organization’s report showing that: “exposure in utero, post-natal, or in childhood affects the substantia nigra causing direct damage or increasing the susceptibility to additional exposures and neurodegenerative damage in adulthood.”

As it is abundantly clear that these pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are causing brain damage and cell mutations like cancer, it’s important to discuss how we can eliminate our direct contact to such chemicals. 

  1. Water

In the United States, our municipal water supply is overburdened by the poor quality source water. The only way that cities are able to meet the federal mandated water standards is to add more chemicals, primarily chlorine (a known carcinogen). Those with a well aren’t better off; with herbicides and pesticides from farms making their way into the ground water and into your drinking water.

People still believe today that drinking tap water is safe because it has been treated with certain chemicals that kill bacteria and other harmful organisms. The truth is that these very same chemicals that protect us from microorganisms are ironically linked to more dangerous diseases.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) produced a drinking water quality report that included 47,667 drinking water utilities and 20 million test results from around the United States. Water utilities nationwide detected more than 300 pollutants between 2004 and 2009. More than half of these chemicals are unregulated, legal in any amount.

In water, there are two major chemicals added that qualify as major threats that must be eliminated: chlorine and fluoride.


Chlorine is added to the water to kill microbes, yet the same chlorine reacts with naturally-found organic compounds in water to form chlorination byproducts (CBPs). Scientists are now realizing the harmful effects of CBPs in our bodies and our environment.

These CBPs include chloroform, MX, Dichloro Acedic Acid (DCA) and trihalomethane. Among the side effects of these CBPs, some of the most noteworthy are cancer, cell mutation, free radical formation (speeds up aging process), genetic mutation, increased rate of birth defects and miscarriages.

Unfortunately, our “protective” agencies are not considering the long-term consequences of treating microorganisms with chlorine.


Fluoride is being put into most water sources in the U.S. The marketing campaign is that it’s healthy for our teeth when in reality it causes cancer, especially bone cancer in boys.

Fluoride entered the world of tap water in 1945 because it was thought to prevent tooth decay. The World Health Organization soon disproved this information. They compared countries that added fluoride to drinking water and those that did not and found no difference in tooth decay rates. A 1992 study of dental records for 26,000 children in Arizona found that tooth decay actually increased in children as the natural level of fluoride increased from 0.2 to 0.8 ppm. In fact, higher levels of fluoride can cause a disease called dental fluorosis (which can be indicative of an underlying bone disease).

Many countries including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, and Sweden have banned fluoride, as it has been linked to so many health problems and related diseases. Some of these diseases include bone cancer, breakdown of connective tissue, hip fractures, decreased immune system, and autoimmune diseases. Some of these effects can occur with levels of fluoride below 1 ppm, a level considered safe by the ADA in our water supply.

Pharmaceutical Drugs in Tap Water: A Looming Problem

Cellular DetoxificationA larger threat is the pharmaceutical drugs that are currently present in our water systems. Prescription medications have and are continuing to pollute our municipal water supplies due to human consumption and household waste. The RCRA program regulates the management and disposal of hazardous pharmaceutical wastes produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers and the health care industry. RCRA does not regulate any household waste, which includes medications/pharmaceutical waste generated in a household.

It is a fact that our bodies absorb some but not all medications. A large percentage of drugs pass through our bodies and are flushed away. Unfortunately, waste water treatment facilities are not set up to remove drug residue. If you are drinking, cooking or bathing in tap water, you are being exposed to other peoples’ medications.

Pharmaceuticals pose a unique danger because, unlike most pollutants, they are designed to act on the body at extremely low concentrations. The EPA has no set safety limits for pharmaceuticals in water and there are no sewage treatment systems specifically engineered to remove drugs from our water.

According to an Associated Press investigation, a vast array of pharmaceutical drugs have found their way into the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans. Philadelphia officials discovered 56 pharmaceuticals or pharmaceutical by-products in their treated drinking water. Today, we are finding psychotropic drugs, birth control, and antibiotics in our water sources. Michael Thomas, a professor of evolutionary biology at Idaho State University, published a study that found the psychiatric medications in drinking water may be a cause of autism in humans.

  1. Mold

You are exhausted all the time. You can’t make it through work because of a throbbing headache. You had to quit the team because you can’t breathe well enough. It’s difficult to complete even simple tasks. Your life has become nearly impossible. All the while, you look fine. But you feel sick and have lost your quality of life. Sound familiar? It is not all in your head. These are all typical signs and symptoms of a biotoxic illness commonly referred to as mold illness.

The most widespread and under-diagnosed neurotoxic illness is caused by mold. Mold illness is a subcategory of biotoxic illness called “Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome”. It is an epidemic brought about by the modern way of constructing buildings. We live in the Era of Dangerous Buildings with 50% of our buildings (NIOSH, 2011) having water damage. Dangerous Buildings are those that are filled with biotoxins that your body cannot process because of your genes. Buildings today tend to create an environment that is favorable to mold growth, so where there is water, there is mold.

Cellular DetoxificationMold illness can affect multiple symptoms in the body, producing many symptoms. Mold itself can cause some of the better known problems like wheezing and upper respiratory issues, and some people have an allergy to mold. But the real cause of mold illness is the biotoxins produced by the mold when it grows unchecked and sends out spores. When this happens, the mold protects the spores with a biotoxin that causes harm to other organism that could potentially threaten the spores’ existence. Unfortunately, these biotoxins wreak havoc on the human body, causing acute, chronic, and even permanent problems in some people. Molds can affect almost any area of your body, including changes in behavior, activity and memory, as well as depression, fatigue, muscle aches, arthritis, nerve function, intestinal pain and much more.

According to a lead researcher in Biotoxic Illness, Dr. Richie Shoemaker, about a quarter of the population is genetically susceptible to these toxins. All it takes to trigger the susceptibility is an environmental toxin switch like the biotoxin produced by mold. This is why you may be experiencing symptoms but the rest of your family is not.

The immune system responds to foreign antigens by producing antibodies. Normally, when a person walks into a water damaged building, the antibodies will target the antigen and clear it out quickly. However, in genetically susceptible people, the antigens stay in the body, and cause the immune system to constantly fight back. Your body’s response to these poisons cause chronic inflammation, which leads to chronic illness and many symptoms.

  1. Food

As we have discussed, 75% of the United States chemical usage (4.5 billion pounds per year) is on agriculture. The key to avoiding these neurotoxic chemicals is to eat organic. Organic foods are grown and raised without the use of any man-made chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, steroids, hormones, etc.).

Good sources include:

  • Organic produce at local farmer’s markets.
  • Organic produce at grocery stores (look for PLU codes starting with a 9).
  • Grow your own organic garden.
  • For a list of which produce you must buy organic (due to the quantity of pesticides used), see our Dirty Dozen List.

Steroids, Growth Hormones, and Antibiotics

In addition to the bioaccumulation of pesticides and herbicides in the meat that we eat, we must consider the steroids, hormones, and antibiotics added as well. The steroids and hormones are used for meat growth and added to milk cows to increase milk production. In our food supply these growth hormones cause abnormally early menses of young girls. They also produce an overabundance of female hormones in young men.

At the same time, antibiotics are also given to cows and farmed animals to prevent them from becoming sick. Cows become sick mainly because of the grains they’re being fed, which they were never meant to eat. These antibiotics – although they keep cows “healthy” – transfer from the meat and milk we consume into our bodies. On average, one glass of inorganic, store-bought milk contains the residue of about a hundred different antibiotics. Once in our bodies, these antibiotics ultimately weaken our immune system.

JAMA published a study that showed that women who had more than 25 prescriptions spread out over a period of 17 years had more than twice the risk of breast cancer than women who had not taken any antibiotics. There are now strong correlations between the amount of antibiotics in food we eat – found in meat and dairy – and human cancer. This also includes chicken, eggs, and any other farmed animal that is not fed an organic diet.

Because chickens are cooped in cages the size of large shoe boxes stacked on top of one another, diseases spread rampantly between these animals. Therefore, farmers keep extremely high doses of antibiotics laced in their feed to avoid disease from spreading in huge numbers. Again, because of the link between antibiotics and cancer, 90% of store-bought chicken is estimated to have either cancer or tumors. Do you really want to eat flesh contaminated with cancer?

Man-made Fats and Rancid Oils

Man-made fats (AKA trans fats) include hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated oil and margarine. They have been used to extend the shelf life of foods and replace natural fats that were thought to be the cause of obesity. Rancid oils include vegetable oils (i.e. canola, corn, cottonseed, soybean, and safflower oils) and are used in almost every product on the market today because they’re cheap. Because of the way the fatty acids are bonded in vegetable oils, they are very sensitive to heat and light. Therefore, upon processing, these oils go rancid very quickly even before they make their way into your kitchen.

These man-made fats are actually toxins that cling to the arterial wall, which causes inflammation of the arteries, which is know to be the real cause of heart disease. When you eat these fats, you might as well be ingesting plastic. Your body doesn’t even recognize them as a food. They also attach themselves to the cell membrane, which causes cellular congestion. Ultimately, this process reduces the oxygen and nutrition that gets into the cell and inhibits the waste trying to get out (see section: What is cellular detoxification). Eventually, these “sick cells” will lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or even cancer.

Other major toxins include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Plastics
  • Beauty Products
  • Vaccinations
  • Household cleaners
  • Contents of your home (carpet, furniture, paint)
  • Electromagnetic field radiation

How do I remove these toxins from my body?

There are so many “get rich” detox fads out on the market and it really frustrates me. I get frustrated because I know people are being taken advantage of when they buy these products. After no results, people develop the belief system that a detox can’t help them and there is no hope. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

A detox must be done correctly in order to see results. The only way to do this is to do a deep cellular detox that cleanses the cells. Along side of this detox, a focus on a brain detox must also be taken into consideration.

Cellular Detoxification Protocol

At NuVision Excel, we use a three-part system to detoxify the body at a cellular level and remove toxins from the brain.

The most comprehensive detoxification

True Cellular Detox: 90 Day Detox Kit by Systemic Formulas
Cellular detoxification is a missing link in modern day healing techniques. Our world contains more chemicals and stresses than ever before, and our bodies are struggling to keep up. Cellular toxicity and chronic inflammation are contributing factors, if not the cause, of many diseases.

This 90 Day True Cellular Detox Package by Systemic Formulas is specifically designed to support the detoxification organs, detox the cells, and remove toxins from your body and brain. The 3 phases were formulated to heal the trillions of cells in your body and decrease chronic inflammation.

The body has its own innate ability to detoxify. When we become over burdened with toxins, a couple things will happen. The onslaught of toxins in today’s world may be happening faster than the body can remove them.

When this occurs, both disease and symptoms will begin to present themselves.

Included in this kit is 3 monthly phases:

  1. True Cellular Detox: Prep Phase
  2. True Cellular Detox: Body Phase
  3. True Cellular Detox: Brain Phase

During this 90 Day Detox, you’ll experience a deep cellular cleanse, purging unwanted toxins from your body, a restoring of your cells membranes, and a decrease of inflammation.

Cellular Detoxification

Step 1. True Cellular Detox: Prep Phase

The Systemic Formulas Prep Phase prepares the cellular purification and downstream purification pathways for safe and effective elimination by establishing methylation, nourishing cellular receptors, and reseeding the gut with high-potency probiotics.

  • Assist in preparing the body and brain for cleansing.
  • Support optimal liver and kidney function.
  • Provides high-potency probiotics.
  • Supports cellular purification.

Step 2. True Cellular Detox: Body Phase

Impurities move from higher concentration to lower, thus preparing the body with Systemic Formula Body Phase is crucial before the purification of the brain. In the body phase, you will take methylation support to the next level, achieve liver enterohepatic circulation cycle cleansing, enter the first level of intracellular cleaning, and support the mitochondria for optimal cellular energy.

  • Assist in preparing the body for purification of the brain.
  • Assist healthy liver enterophepatic circulation cycle cleansing.
  • Supports normal methylation processes.
  • Supports normal mitochondria function for optimal cellular energy.

Step 3. True Cellular Detox: Brain Phase

The ultimate goal is to nourish and cleanse the brain, and nerve tissue using fat-soluble “true binders”. The Systemic Formulas Brain Phase allows deep cleansing of the cell and binds impurities for safe elimination. While giving intracellular and neuronal antioxidant support, and multi-mineral support for optimal brain health.

  • Assist in purifying the brain.
  • Supports safe elimination of impurities.
  • Supports normal brain function.
  • Provides intracellular and neuronal antioxidant support.

Additional Support for Optimal Cellular Detoxification

The 90 Day Cellular Detox Educational Program is a full educational program designed to help you maximize your results from the 90 Day Cellular Detox supplements through specific training on supplementation, protocols, proper diet, and lifestyle. The education program is taught by Dr Zyrowski, who has helped thousands of clients correct their lifestyle and become the healthiest versions of themselves. In this self-paced guide, Dr. Zyrowski shows you exactly how to remove toxins from your body, diet and home. Your online program comes with:

  • Thorough step-by-step videos on how to take the Cellular Detox Supplements
  • Instructional guides through each of the True Cellular Detox phases
  • The 90 Day Cellular Detox Diet, Guidelines, and Shopping List
  • A Monthly Meal Plan with over 60 Anti-inflammatory Recipes
  • A 90 Day Detox Manual to educate on how to identify and remove toxic exposures in your life
  • Training videos on how to perform a Meta-Oxy test
  • Membership in our Private Facebook Community with Dr. Zyrowski.
  • So many more amazing bonuses and benefits to keep you on track and getting results!

How often should I detox?

I believe this is relative to your situation. If you’re someone who has made a solid effort to remove all toxins from your home, workplace and overall environment, you can detoxify your body less regularly. You will still need to detox now and again because it’s almost impossible to get all the toxins out. You are also inevitably going to be exposed to toxins in this very toxic world. If you make no efforts at all to remove toxins from your environment, you will have to detox much more regularly. I know of people who detox daily because of their toxic work environment, which is out of their control.

The other thing that you need to consider is your toxic load based on a toxicity test. When I work with individuals, a case history is just as important as taking into consideration the lab results. Together you can make a scientific plan to safely remove toxins from the body. I personally like to detox every 6-8 months. This is how I feel the best and maintain a high level of health.

After a cellular detox many people have reported:

  • Better sleep quality
  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Increased focus
  • Better mood
  • Relief from pain

You’ll also reduce chronic inflammation, which will help prevent:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Other degenerative diseases.

If living a healthier, toxin-free life is something that speaks to you, then you should sign up for the Cellular Detoxification Program. This self-guided program is newly modified to not only teach you how to properly cellular detox, but also how to keep your home, diet, life, and yourself toxin free! Start living with more energy and greater health.

I hope that a Cellular Detox is in your future.


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