[VIDEO] Carbs Worse Than Sugar

Carbs Worse Than Sugar  is a video that teaches you how carbs can create blood sugar instability and rob you of your weight loss goals. Carbs Worse Than Sugar

The carbs that are worse than sugar tend to be the ones people are most addicted to. If you are really craving sugar or carbs there is a high chance that you are unknowingly craving the ones with the highest glycemic index.

Carbs make you fat because carbs can act on the body just like sugar and in many cases be worse than sugar.

People who consume these low quality carbs are the same people who are having trouble losing weight. They cut out the sugar and think they are doing themselves a huge favor but leave in the carbs that are worse than sugar.

Identifying the worst carbs and staying away from them will allow us to have much better health. The high glycemic index carbs are ones I literally always stay away from. They don’t even interest me because I know that all the hard work I put into my diet will be reversed if I allow these to slip into my daily eating regiment.

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High glycemic carbohydrates will cause massive blood sugar swings because they digest quickly and quickly enter into the blood stream. This is why when consuming carbs we should stick to the low glycemic index carbs, healthy carbs, and of course eat them sparingly.

Carbs worse than sugar should be avoided at all cost. Check out the high glycemic foods list and educate yourself on how you can improve your health by simply avoiding these foods. You especially want to avoid these carbs worse than sugar if your trying to follow the ketogenic diet or intermittent fast.

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[Video Transcription] Carbs Worse Than Sugar | Beware Of This!

In this video, you’ll discover the carbs that are worse than sugar.

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In this video, we’re talking about carbs are worse than sugar.  This is an important topic because a lot of people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, lose some weight and they go and take the sugar out of their diet but one of the things they do is they leave the carbs that are absolutely destroying everything for them. It’s stopping their momentum. It’s stopping them from losing weight. It’s stopping them from achieving their goals.

So what we’re going to talk about in this video is these different foods and how they impact what’s called the glycemic index.  So basically, when we look at this glycemic index, what it is is basically this index that breaks down how carbohydrate rich foods actually affect our blood sugar. So, there’s going to be low glycemic foods which are going to be 0 – 55, there’s going to be moderate that are 56 – 69, and then high which are 70+. Now, when we look at the moderate and high glycemic foods, those are the ones that we actually want to stay away from. We want to make sure we are staying away from those foods so that we can actually decrease inflammation, lose weight and of course achieve our health goals.

Now what I’ll do too, it’s important to know this because I’ll put in the description below here a link to a full profile of not only high glycemic index foods but low glycemic index foods so you can go make sure you’re making the best choices.

Now when we look at, for instance sucrose, and this is also known as table sugar, it’s at 65. So if we take the sucrose from our diet and we leave these carbohydrate rich foods, essentially we’re going to have a bit of a problem. I’ll tell you why. It’s because when we look at things like corn chips, they have a glycemic index of 105. Now, many of these are going to be topics of conversation here but whether it’s corn chips or potato chips, all these different chips are going to raise your blood sugar super high.  So we have to make sure that we’re staying away from them. Many times when we go to restaurants for instance and we grab a healthier option on the menu but yet it still comes with a bag of chips or a big plate of chips.  So we have to watch out for that. Stay away from the different chips out there.

Next here, is dates. Now I put this on here and this is important because many people are eating high sugar fruits or high glycemic index fruits that are absolutely stopping them from achieving their goals. But dates for instance, it’s at 103.  We want to stay away from the high glycemic index fruits and stick to fruits like blueberries, strawberries and some of these fruits that are not going to cause huge blood sugar swings for us.

Next here is rice, milk and rice crackers, pretty much anything rice you’re going to want to stay away from because it has a really high glycemic index.  A lot of people will go and even get those rice cakes.  You know those rice wafers that people turn to when they decide that they want to start eating healthier.  Well, those actually are huge in the glycemic index scale as well.  Now when we look at instant rice for instance, that is way worse. It’s even higher than.  It’s 100 plus on the glycemic index scale. So we want to make sure we’re staying away from rice in general and switch to better options.  For instance, almond flour crackers have a glycemic index that’s somewhere between 1 and 5. So if we make better options, go right to those better options in the way of crackers, almond flour anything is always a better option there.

Next here is Corn Flakes. So a lot of people are eating really garbage breakfast foods. Whether it’s Corn Flakes that have a glycemic index of 81 or Golden Grahams which have a glycemic index of around 105, we have to make sure that we’re not only staying away from those ourselves, but we’re not giving it to our kids.  Many people are want to look better; they want to lose weight. They take that stuff out of their diet, but then they give it to the kids.  Totally a bad idea.  You want to just remove it from the house and then move forward like that.

Next here on our list is potatoes. So the potato is also a thing that a lot of people eat and it’s, once again potato chips and all these other things that come from potatoes, like french fries; we want to make sure that we’re staying away from potato because it has a glycemic index of 78. As a matter of fact, when we look at instant potatoes, just like instant rice, it’s way high up there on the scale as well. What’s really interesting about potatoes is when we look at french fries for instance it actually has a lower glycemic index simply because it has a fat attached to it. And when we have a fat attached to it, it essentially buffers the blood sugar and it helps keep the blood sugar a little bit lower. So, you’ll find that french fries, I don’t recommend that you go to a restaurant and get french fries, actually have a lower glycemic index.

Next here is white bread.  White bread is 75 on the glycemic index scale and you’re not doing yourself any favors by switching to the whole wheat really because that’s about a 72 on the scale.  If you’re looking for better options when it comes to bread, sourdough bread is going to be right around 48 or even going to an Ezekiel bread which is right around 38. So those are better options in the way of bread there.

And then last, instant oats.  These are also really bad and have a glycemic index of 79. We have to make sure that were staying away from those. A lot of the breakfast foods are bad.  Many people are waking up and they’re having instant oats, they’re having cereal, they’re having bagels.  Stay away from all that stuff.  I recommend intermittent fasting. And of course your kids, you’re probably not trying to push intermittent fasting with your kids. I know that we don’t. One of the things that we’ll do is we’ll just use things like eggs, we’ll use no sugar yogourt, we’ll just use better options for breakfast foods.

And so stay away from these different foods here because they are high on the glycemic index scale and it’s not just these.  These are just topics of conversation as mentioned. And so make sure you’re staying away from high glycemic index foods.  If you want to decrease inflammation, if you want to reverse a health condition, if you want to lose weight or you just want to get healthier in general, stay away from those.

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