[VIDEO] Benefits of Fasted Exercise | The Secret To A Hollywood Physique

Movie stars like Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson don’t get their bodies without putting in the work. Working out while intermittent fasting is the trick they are using to get their Hollywood physique. Benefits of Fasted Exercise teaches you how to burn fat, retain muscle, and sculpt an incredible body.

Benefits of Fasted Exercise

It is important to mention that the method of fasting used for fasted training is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting combined with High Intensity Interval Training is an amazing combo for fat loss and muscle gain.

The benefits of fasted exercise occurs due to many biological factors. The first to set off the positive cascade of events is the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Through fasting and exercise the sympathetic nervous system turns the fat burning on full tilt.

Another benefit of fasted exercise is activation of glutathione and super oxide dismutase. These powerful antioxidant and enzyme repair the body and cells so that you can maintain health and wellbeing.

The next benefit of fasted exercise is the activation of cAMP and AMPK which are cellular factors that force fat burning. Studies showed that with fasted exercise people were able to preserve muscle but they lost weight through only fat loss.

Brain derived neurotrophic factor and muscle regulatory factors should not be overlooked as part of the incredible benefits of fasted exercise as they promote biological and neurological youthfulness.

When you perform fasted exercise your growth hormone is boosted by upwards of 2000% in men and 1300% in women. Now those are some incredible benefits of fasting!

You also increase insulin sensitivity through fasted exercise which ultimately protects you from so many health conditions that are rooted in insulin sensitivity issues. Lastly, this is the best way to naturally boost testosterone!

I hope you enjoy the health benefits of fasted exercise and all the health benefits that come along with fasting.

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[Video Transcription] Benefits of Fasted Exercise

I’m about to uncover one simple trick that will give you a Hollywood physique.

Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski with NuVisionExcel.com. If you’re new to the channel then, as always, it’s such a pleasure, but be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification if you want to excel your health and your life and you’ll be well on your way.

In this video, we are talking about the benefits of fasted exercise. You know, when you look at these different fitness gurus who stay lean and shredded all year round and you look at these different Hollywood actors have perfect physique and you look at the tricks that they use, one of them that all of them are using is fasted exercise. Again and again, when I look at how they do this, how do they stay so lean and ripped all year round, it’s through fasted exercise. So, I’m going to go ahead and teach you how to do it and some of the science behind it, why it even works. Let’s go ahead and jump right into this and at the end of this video, I’ll go ahead and share with you some of my pro-tips.

Now one of the things that’s really important to mention here before we jump into the science is that when we look at fasting and exercise, we’re talking about intermittent fasting. We’re not talking about a three-day fast. We’re talking about intermittent fasting where you’re going to fast for 16 hours, and eat your meals within an eight-hour period. If you’re not familiar with this, check out my powerful videos on intermittent fasting and it will give you all the details.

Now the reason that this works so well in that you’re able to actually cut fat while doing this fasted exercise is because the sympathetic nervous system is activated. So, the sympathetic nervous system, what it does simply is sets off a cascade of events that really forces your body to burn fat. Now, the sympathetic nervous system is activated because you are in a fasted state, and you are putting your body into an exercise routine which is putting a little extra stress on the body. So that sympathetic nervous system is activated and it forces the body to burn fat, as I said.

Now the next big thing that happens is there’s an increase in acute oxidative stress. Now you’ve probably heard me talk before about chronic oxidative stress being really bad for the body because it just breaks it down and it tears down your cellular function and so much more, but acute oxidative stress can be a good thing, and here’s why: because what it will do is it will really boost antioxidant activation. Now one of the major antioxidants that it will boost is one called glutathione. Once again, you might have heard me talk about that one before. And glutathione is simply the most powerful antioxidant in the body. I always refer to it as the armed guard that takes the bullet when your body has a threat. Now this armed guard is protecting you from oxidative stress, from free radicals, from chemical exposures, the list goes on. So, when we boost glutathione in our body, it does some really great things for overall bodily function.

Now the other thing that is activated is a really powerful enzyme called superoxide dismutase. Now this enzyme, what it does is it actually protects– or it actually repairs and helps recover our self from free radicals such as superoxides. So, when we are fasting and exercising, we’re getting this boost of superoxide dismutase, but also a powerful antioxidant called glutathione.

Now the next big thing that happens when we do fasted exercise is cyclic AMP and AMP kinase are activated. Now these two cellular factors and catalysts simply force the burning of fat. They force your body to use glucose so that during the exercise you’re burning sugar, and then after the exercise you’re burning fat, and that is what helps so much to actually burn that fat off the body.

Next big thing that happens is brain-derived neurotrophic factor is activated. And when we look at neurological well-being and also the biological youthfulness when it comes to your nervous system, simply, brain-derived neurotrophic factor is going to help with the production of new neurons and new communications in the brain, and when we look at anti-aging, this is a really big deal.

Now just like brain-derived neurotrophic factor doing good things for your brain, the muscle regulatory factors are also activated and that, just like you– just like what brain-derived neurotrophic factor does for the brain, this does for the muscles. It helps with the stimulation of new muscle growth and also helps keep your muscles young. And we can look at these two factors in the body working as an anti-aging mechanism to help keep us youthful and also promote longevity.

Now, here is a really important thing that happens when we do fasted exercise and it has to do with your hormones. Because, when we look at the studies, what we see is that when people were doing fasted exercise, they were able to boost growth hormone by up to 1300% in women and 2000% in men. Now when we look at so many people who are trying to stay young and promote youthfulness in their body, like these Hollywood actors are trying to build muscle but also age gracefully, simply what, in many cases that they’re doing is they’re getting growth hormone. They’re also getting testosterone, they’re getting these different hormones because their levels are low in their body. But if we want to do this naturally, if we want to boost these anti-aging hormones naturally, simply do it with fasted exercise. So, it really helps boost the growth hormone, it also does great things for boosting testosterone.

And now last thing I want to mention here when it comes to the hormones is it helps increase insulin-sensitivity. Okay, when we look at major disease today, diabetes and heart disease and so many of the other ones out there, one of the major ways that these diseases start is with the insulin not being sensitive, the insulin not being heard. If we want to promote healing in our body, we also want to avoid these different disease out there. We want to make sure that our hormones are staying very sensitive, and by doing fasted exercises, it increases insulin sensitivity which is going to do many great things for shuttling sugar into the cell and keeping our bodies functioning as they should.

Now, at the end of this video I told you I would mention some pro-tips, so let’s go ahead and jump into those. Now, the first thing I want to mention is that when you’re doing intermittent fasting, you need to be following a good quality diet. This is so important. You should not be doing this when you’re eating a greasy food diet, fast food, that kind of thing. You need to be eating a good whole-food diet that supports the body nutritionally and make sure that you’re getting the proper nutrients so that you can actually really benefit from this. Now the other thing that I want to mention is that if you want to really amplify and magnify the results that you can get from fasted and exercise, high-intensity interval training is your way to go. If you’re not familiar with what that is, check out the video I did. I did a very powerful video on high-intensity interval training that shows you all the ins and outs that you need to know in order to start using it and the benefits from it.

And so, first of all, make sure you’re following a good-quality diet, utilize high-intensity interval training, and then, a lot of these benefits, though they are really directed toward intermittent fasting and exercise, one of the things that you can do is you can actually just exercise before breakfast. Okay, let’s say if you’re somebody, you’ve got some different health concerns, and this whole thing sounds just a little bit too aggressive for you, one of the ways that you can still see the benefits of this, it’s not going to be as amplified, it’s not going to be– you’re not going to boost growth hormone as much, you’re not going to get as good of results. If you still want to see some of the benefits of this, then what you can do is simply exercise before your first meal of the day.

So guys, I hope that this information was super powerful for you. Like I said, this is just the one trick that you didn’t know. The one thing that you really needed to uncover in order to stay lean. I hope that you implement this information, be sure to give the video a thumbs-up, share it, post any questions in the comments section below. Any ideas for future videos, put those in the comments section below, and then until next time, folks, make it a great day.