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If are struggling with depression, or know someone who is, then you must know that there’s hope! Dr. Nick Zyrowski helps his patients beat depression naturally with these 6 alternative therapies.

In many cases, the medical treatments for depression are scary and risky. Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications are prescribed like candy and yet there are serious side effects associated with such medications. Dr. Nick has seen these side-effects with people he knows and cares about.

Depression is a serious matter and cannot be taken lightly. Working to fight depression begins with optimizing the body and doing so naturally. Understanding that there are natural ways to beat depression is one thing. Knowing what to do is another.

In this episode, Dr. Zyrowski emphasizes 6 natural ways to beat depression, the same 6 methods he uses with his consulting clients to restore their brains and bodies to full working potential so they can enjoy life.

In this episode…

  1. #1 thing to do instantly to improve your state of mind
  2. Top neuro-transmitter to boost for those with depression
  3. Best test to take if you’re suffering from depression
  4. What is mindful meditation and how can it help?
  5. Best practice for your brain and body
  6. The proper fuel for your body to beat depression

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